Revision History

February 2024

Updates to CDOH measures

February 6, 2024

This release updates 13 measures and adds one new measure to IPUMS CDOH. We extended a number of measures to include data from more time points.

We added data from the 2006-2010 to the 2018-2022 American Community Survey (ACS) 5-year Summary Files for the following measures:

  • Educational inequity
  • Employment inequity
  • Homeownership inequity
  • Income inequity
  • Residential segregation - index of dissimilarity inequity

We added data from 2021 and 2022 to the following measures:

  • Earnings ratio
  • Labor force ratio

We added data from the 2023 Current Population Survey (CPS) to the following measure:

  • Poverty ratio

We added data from 2004-2019 and 2023 to the following measure:

  • Paid family and medical leave

We added data from 2023 to the following measure:

  • Proportion of state legislators identifying as female

We updated the county population estimates used for Alaska and Hawaii in the following measure:

  • Abortion access

We added data from 1976-2016 to the following measure:

  • State presidential election results

We added data from 2000-2016 to the following measure:

  • County presidential election results

In addition to the updates listed above, we also added one new measure to CDOH. The 2020 United States Decennial Census provides counts of same-sex households, both in marriages and in unmarried partnerships, for all counties. We compute the following four county-level proportions:

  • Proportion of same-sex unions among all unions
  • Proportion of same-sex marriages among all marriages
  • Proportion of same-sex marriages among all same-sex unions
  • Proportion of same-sex unions among all households

April 2023

Initial release of contextual determinants of health measures

April 11, 2023

IPUMS CDOH has released it first fifteen measures related to contextual determinants of health. The initial data release includes five county-level measures related to racism, eight state-level measures related to sexism and cisheterosexism, and state and county-level measures of results from the 2020 presidential election. Data are available for various temporal ranges and frequencies, and users are urged to read each measure's technical documentation to learn more.