User Suggestions/Submissions

IPUMS CDOH welcomes and encourages sharing/depositing contextual data. When data are shared, IPUMS CDOH will review the data and develop a plan for documenting and sharing the data. Depositing and sharing data are free, and the data are available to users at no charge. Users are required to properly cite the data. Unlike other IPUMS products, IPUMS CDOH does not have a single citation, but a citation for each dataset. IPUMS CDOH staff will work with the depositor to create a citation that includes those who created the deposit, as well as IPUMS CDOH. If you are interested in sharing your data with IPUMS CDOH, please contact us at for more information.

IPUMS CDOH appreciates hearing suggestions about contextual data that users would like to see created and shared, or data collections that should be acquired and archived in our collection. Please share your suggestions, and if it is a data collection, whom we should contact to acquire and archive these data, via email: